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It’s so lovely to be able to support small businesses in person once again here in the UK.

I met Andrea today @thegreencheeseexperience in Dalston who showed me how to make great tasting artisan vegan cheese.

My favourite I tried was this nettle Brazil nut and koji miso dry cheese aged for 6 months, totally vegan and absolutely delicious.

Tag a small business you can’t wait to visit👇



A little late evening snack, bought at Camberley Vegan Market, from @thegreencheeseexperience...
Some of their "Nettle Cashew" on oatmeal biscuits, celery, cherry toms & some red grapes! 🤤


Known for their exquisite vegan cheeses, @thegreencheeseexperiencestrongly believe in the simplicity of the ingredients. Their Vegan cheese is made traditionally, using the original techniques and methods with all-natural ingredients.


Great range of artisan vegan cheeses. Met Andreas, founder of The Green Cheese Experience at an event he was exhibiting at, and tried some of the samples.

Flavours include turmeric, wild garlic, wild mustard - great range of taste options and each cheese has a unique and nice taste to them.

Would throughly recommend! 😊

Sag Dee

If you love dairy free have to try this!
Its the most beautiful and tasty cheese I have ever had!Ordered on the website, arrived home and loved it.

Black Dahlia

Thank you for a delicious cheese! I tried the Parmgreensan and I was surprised at how good a vegan cheese can be. The vegan cheeses usually have a flat and uninteresting taste but this cheese tastes like the real thing! I'm looking forward to trying more of them soon.


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