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About Us: About Us
Image by Alexander Maasch

The Green cheese Experience, 

We are a vegan cheese monger and deli inspired from the Italian tradition, we offer a wide range of product, cheese, salumi chutney and more.

At The Green Cheese Experience we believe in semplicity and naturalness of the product, we do not use any artificial addictive or colorant

the  flavour of our product is developed with use of ancient method and technique; culturing, ageing, smoking, used for century. so don.

Everything we made is artisanal and handmade, so don't be upset if sometimes our product slightly differ from each other.

You can also see some of our product are not always available, it's because some of the ingredients are foraged in the wild, by us and for that reasons we need to follow the natural flu of the seasons.

Our promise to you is offering a product, ethically made, natural, delicious and PLANET friendly

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