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Hello green pepole, I am Andrea founder and curator of this Wonderfull , project, born in nasty time for a good cause.

Vegan from several years, and chef for many more, coming from a country like Italy with an infinity variety of cheese I always found challenging, giving up on it, so during nasty time, aka the first covid pandemic, finding me unusually rich of free time I  begin to looking in to  find a way to recreate this devilishly, addictive and unique taste, with an ethical a sustainable approach.

And so with a mini camping fridge and a old blender the challenge begin.

After a while the first cheese came up a blend of some kind of starch coconut oil and flavourant, the taste was ok but no even close to the stuff you can taste when you visit  a malga ( kind of artisanal cheese farm usually up in to mountain place, where with a very limited production), so I did some research to find more abaut their way to making cheese, and making it VEGAN.

From here 

The Green Cheese Experience.

An artisanal vegan cheese monger rich in tradition, with a very unique product, where we put passion an love on every product we make, 

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